Principal BDM - AWS Container Services and Modern Application, 2020 - Present


Business Development Manager for Container Services, Modern Application Development and Serverless


Focusing on customer modernization:

  • Containers business value and transformation
  • Red Hat OpenShift on AWS (ROSA)
  • AWS Elastic Container Services (ECS)
  • AWS Elastic Container Services for Kubernetes (EKS)
  • AWS Fargate (Serverless Containers)
  • Lambda Functions and Container Services integration
  • Microservices Architectures and Service Mesh

Leading Modern Application Development in Iberia (Spain + Portugal) for customers, partners, system integrators and distributors.


Helping and supporting customers to modernize based on microservices, containers and serverless architectures in the AWS cloud.


  • Creating local channel strategy
  • Closing customer references in Enterprise, Digital Native Business, Greenfield and Startups customers
  • Defining the modern application development sales plays for the local market on Refactor, Replatform and PaaS.
  • Growing the market close to 25% month over month.

Modern Application Development - OpenShift and Containers Specialist (BDM), 2016 - 2020


Business Development Manager for Modern Applications & Innovation, Containers and Hybrid Cloud Strategy.


Focusing on Digital Transformation and Enterprise Platform (Openshift) Strategy:

  • Openshift PaaS: Kubernetes, Containers, DevOps, Microservices & FaaS (Serverless).
  • Integration with IoT, Cognitive, AR, AI and Machine Learning.

Leading Modern AppDev and OpenShift in Iberia (Spain + Portugal) for customers, partners, system integrators and distributors.


Creating key messages, presentations and events for our sales force, partners and customers. Developing Business in Large Accounts.


Helping and supporting customers on the best way to modernize and digitally transform their companies based to the Journey to the Cloud.



  • Closing large deals for OpenShift in EMEA.
  • Evangelize Sale Force on Kubernetes and MicroServices Strategy on OpenShift.
  • Evangelize a recent Red Hat area on Mobile and Application Modernization.
  • Creating a strong Channel with partners and system integrators.
  • Positioning Mobile Offering inside and outside  the company as key for modernization. Marketing, events and presentations.
  • Design a standard offering for Modern App Dev and Mobile, getting relevant references in all verticals (Industry, Telco, Retail, Utilities, Government and FSI)
  • Creating Red Hat Mobile offering for a new Industry Work Force Management customer with a work force volume of 2000 end mobile users world-wide.

Mobility & Cloud Sales Specialist, 2015 - 2016


Sales Specialist for the Service Line of Mobility & Cloud.


Apple + IBM alliance development in GTS. Apple iOS Deployment and Mobile Managed Services for Mac (Mac@Work Solutions).


Leading the IBM MobileFirst strategy. Design of the IBM Workplace of the Future (WoF) Solution.


Focusing on IBM MobileFirst & Cognitive Era with IBM Watson.


Defining Services Solution over the SoftLayer IaaS environment.


Articulating the IBM Services Solution for DaaS over Cloud.


Creating Persona Management Consulting Services and Infrastructure Catalog for VDI.


  • Evangelize a recent IBM area with Cloud, VDI and Mobility market tendency message.
  • Local strategy for Apple iOS Deployment and Mac@Work Solutions.
  • Integrating Hyperconverged Infrastructure for Enterprise offering into the IBM Services Catalog.
  • Creating the service offering for the workplace transformation at Iberdrola for 30,000 users.

Sales Specialist, 2012 - 2015


Sales Specialist for Cloud Client Computing Solution, DELL DVS (Desktop Virtualization Solution), Dell-Wyse and MDM (Mobile Device Management). Utility Cloud Solutions.


Sales channel and business development.

DELL Enterprise Solution for end to end virtualizations based on VMWare, Citrix or Microsoft.

End user, thin and cloud computing expert.

Responsible for Spain and Portugal. Relationship with customers, technological partners and distributors.


  • Educate DELL team on the cloud and thin computing added values and accelerate the Dell-Wyse portfolio sales.
  • Integrate Wyse solutions within the company offer portfolio.
  • Driving customers from buy hardware culture to buy cloud solutions culture.
  • Selling the first Cloud Client Computing big deal in the region to customer GAS NATURAL for up to 5000 virtualized end users working in the cloud.

Sales Specialist, 2010 - 2012


Specialist and Engineer responsible for Spain and Portugal, covering relationship with customers, technological partners and distributors.

End user, thin and cloud computing solutions specialist.


Virtualization infrastructure design skills, working closely to VMWare, Citrix and Microsoft.


  • Establish a strong and certified partner program in the Iberia region.
  • Kick off a new business line in the country targeting early adopters. Selling the first big deal in the region for ONO.
  • Building partner eco-system based on distributors, integrators and added value resellers to leverage sales.

Sales Specialist, 2009 - 2010


Sales and pre-sales specialist responsible for Iberia and Portugal.

CRM, Automation Support and Collaborative Knowledge Management expert.

Covering relationship with customers and partners.


Managing sales relationships with Teléfonica and IBM. 

Supporting EMEA team on system engineer responsibilities.


  • Make strong relationship for the strategic Telefónica business.
  • Promote the Cloud deployment by creating and managing the virtual infrastructure at Amazon Web Services, modeling it for internal and external customer usage. Implementing IaaS in a  software sales oriented model.
  • Successfully created a "bridge" to the Spanish speaking Europe market.

Senior Sales Engineer, 2007 - 2009


Southern Europe pre-sales responsible. 


Covering relationship with services providers and enterprise customers.


Managing technical relationship with Telefónica and IBM. 
Specialist in ACS. CPE Management and Support Automation Tools.


  • Consistently exceed sales goal by 20%, getting the Presidents Club recognition.
  • Successfully educate the Spanish automation support market in main customers like Telefónica.
  • Closing deals in and out the Iberia region, all around EMEA.

Strategic Consultant / IT Solution Architect and Senior Project Manager, 2002 - 2007


Presales and ITSM project management. Designing Software Solutions.

ITIL and inventory tracking specialist.

HP Inventory Manager responsible.


IT Junior Technical Consultant Associated, 2000-2002.


Presales and delivery for advanced inventory tracking solutions, ITIL and software distribution tools.


  • Leadership in setting up strategy and driving for Inventory Tracking and ITIL integration scenario.
  • Architect and designer of the HP Inventory Manager Solution (HPIM)
  • Leading project and gap analysis for the physical move of Banco Santander to the huge new premises in Boadilla.
  • 150% performance and quality objectives fulfillment.
  • Promoted to the top level senior Solution Architect.
  • ‘Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management’ by ‘Examination Institute for Information Science’ (EXIN).

TV Self Promo Producer and Video Server Supervisor, 2000 - 2000


Managing Video Server solutions and communication technologies.


Writing, producing and editing TV self promo spots for the public spanish TV in Madrid.


Storyboard and scripting for short films.


  • Introduce new technologies concept for video servers an non-linear editing system into a TV channel.
  • Creating a new effects and features portfolio for the TV self-promo edition.
  • Storyboard technics development. Writer and Director.
  • Recently, as a result of all my experience I was lucky enough to write and direct a professional short film "NOEL" (2015) :

System Engineer, 1997 - 2000


Firmware and software developer for ISDN and VoIP for Telefónica terminals.

RTOS (Real Time Operative Systems) Expertise.


  • Create the first ISDN and VoIP terminals in Spain to be sold by Telefónica.
  • Developing the use of ARM (Advanced Risk Machine processor) architecture in new generations telephone boards.
  • First developer in use of Tornado VxWorks in real time operative systems. Tornado was previously used by NASA Mars Pathfinder project.